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Application Board / Application: Belle, Alex
« on: 29Aug2018, 11:17 »
Name: Belle, Alex

Age: 17

Country: United States

Arma 3 ID number: 76561198267777973

Steam Name: vaulttecboy54

Agree to Arma3Sync: Yes

Apex ownership: Yes

Desired Role/MOS: 11B Rifleman (with option 40)

How Did You Find Us? Other

What Kind of Experience Do you Have?
295 Hours Arma 3
97 Hours Arma 2 + OA
No real unit experience.

Can operate as:
Basic Rifleman
Medic (Vanilla, learning Ace Med stuff)
Impromptu Pilot

Are you a military veteran? (This is not a condition of being accepted) No

Name of Referring Member (if applicable): N/A

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