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Author Topic: [DENIED] Application: Ford Nathan  (Read 1011 times)


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[DENIED] Application: Ford Nathan
« on: 29May2017, 03:28 »

Application for any membership into Task Force 121 will be done with this form as the first step. Thanks for applying!

Naming Policy:
Task Force 121 is a realism unit, a relaxed one, but still. This translates down even to names. We do not require your real last name if you do not wish to give it, but any name you do give should at least sound somewhat convincing. If in doubt, go with Smith. Please do not name yourself after historical or political figures. And if two members share the same last name, you may be asked to apply an initial to your name.

To find your Arma 3 Player ID:
In game, under Profile, you will click Edit, and there will be two tabs, the right one should read Units. Click this one and you will see an entry for .xml and/or units. Select Custom from the dropdown menu and a string of numbers will be displayed. Alternatively if you have a standard steam profile url, it will end in the same string of numbers. We ask for .xml purposes only.

Military Veterans:
At Task Force 121, we value the experience of our peers' military experience. While members with military experience from any branch from any nation will receive no benefits over non-veterans, we still would like to acknowledge their service. However, anyone wishing to claim a military veteran teamspeak user tag must undergo an interview and validation by Task Force 121's Veteran Board. This does not determine eligibility for membership if you would like to claim it, but whether or not you will receive your tag. This is to prevent any level of Stolen Valor and ensure integrity among our members.

Last Name, First Name: Ford Nathan

Age: 17

Country: United States

Arma 3 ID number: 76561198111480894

Steam Name: Nafan

Desired Role/MOS: 11B Rifleman (with option 40)

How Did You Find Us? Reddit

What Kind of Experience Do you Have?
31st MEU (Marine unit), Assistant Riflemen, CLS and 2IC training as well.

Are you a military veteran? (This is not a condition of being accepted) No

Name of Referring Member (if applicable): None

Final Notes:

At some point early on in your application process, we encourage you to connect to teamspeak and meet us, so to speak. It gives us a chance to get to know you and have any of your questions answered. We can also help you set up your mods and get you set up for anything else in the process.


ITB Sign Ups (only viewable once application is accepted)
ITB (Infantry Training Battalion) is our basic training, so to speak. Yes it is mandatory, but it is designed to scale to what the individual recruit or class needs as a whole. If you're already a veteran of the Arma series, it might take you 30 minutes, and all we're doing is to make sure you're up to speed and know what we do particularly. If you're brand new, it may take an hour or two, here we will go over the basics of infantry combat that you would use at a fireteam level.

Arma3Sync Tutorial And Information
At Task Force 121, we have an easy button, so to speak. It allows for an easier installation of mods for Arma 3 that our unit uses.

Road For Recruits
Simply a detailed explanation of the process from application to getting to your fireteam or billet.
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Re: Application: Ford Nathan
« Reply #1 on: 29May2017, 10:49 »
Mr. Ford,

Thank you for applying to TF121. Unfortunately we do not allow double claning in TF121, and on this basis I will have to deny you. Good luck in your future endeavors

SSG Chinook
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