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Author Topic: [ACCEPTED] Application: DAVIS, Jake  (Read 388 times)

RCT Davis

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[ACCEPTED] Application: DAVIS, Jake
« on: 13Aug2018, 12:55 »
Name: DAVIS, Jake

Age: 22

Country: USA

Arma 3 ID number: 76561198315352700

Steam Name: CazzoJake

Agree to Arma3Sync: Yes

Apex ownership: Yes

Desired Role/MOS: 11B Rifleman (with option 40)

How Did You Find Us? Reddit

What Kind of Experience Do you Have?
I played Arma a lot last year but was not able to keep up with the attendance requirements since i have a hectic life. I know callouts, map awareness, I have a joystick for piloting, I know how to use TFAR and how to download mods but may need a refresher.

Are you a military veteran? (This is not a condition of being accepted) No

Name of Referring Member (if applicable): JACOB K DAVIS

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RCT J. Davis

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[ACCEPTED] Re: Application: DAVIS, Jake
« Reply #1 on: 13Aug2018, 22:41 »
Mr. Davis,

Thank you for applying to Task Force 121. Your forum and in-game name should be RCT Davis. For the forum you will still use the same login credentials you currently use, however. Your recruiter will get you set up with mods shortly. Additionally, RASP classes are held on Fridays or Saturdays at 2000 CST and should last under two hours. The sign up board is here.

Please join us on our discord and let us know who you are.

LTC Duckworth
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