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Author Topic: Co-op Information  (Read 745 times)

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Co-op Information
« on: 25Jul2017, 19:52 »
For those looking to plan a co-op scenario with TF121, please chime in here.

Conditions for acceptance
Being able to meet these conditions is not an automatic commitment, but not being able to satisfy this list means that we're not interested.
  • Saturday or Sunday main events. Our weekly mission time is on Sunday evening, at 1900 US Central.
  • No strictly European units, and no "Joint" units unless your activities are late evening in US time zones.
  • TF121 only engages in co-op scenarios with other units, and is not interested in PvP against your unit.
  • You must agree to use our modpack, or be willing to develop a list of basic mods we can agree to.
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