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Author Topic: Groups looking for merges  (Read 868 times)

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Groups looking for merges
« on: 25Jul2017, 21:17 »
For groups looking to merge with TF121; if you agree to the following conditions we can further discuss merges.

TF121 merging with you:
  • TF121 will not join your group under your name or a combined name.

Your group merging with TF121:
  • No new sections will be created for you. You have to join our Ranger unit.
  • You will not be able to run your own squad. If you're going to join us, we want you to integrate with our guys.
  • Opportunities for Fire Team Leader would be made available as long as your members are spread to other teams for at least a short term.
  • Ranks will be given as needed, depending on position of authority.
  • Basic training can be waived, if your current level of training meets our basic requirements.
  • Our modpack will not be changed. However, we will consider any requests as we would from any of our members.

We can be reached through our recruiting channel on Discord, our TS, or send a forum PM to Duckworth.
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